Rajeev & KashifThe format of Bigg Boss 6 is different from the previous five seasons. This season every day is a new surprise and the surprise for this week was the nominations. During the procedure Navjot Singh Sidhu was intially adamant where he didnt want to cast his vote.

This created a huge drama in the house where contestants wanted a fair decision. Sidhu only had one thing to say that he doesn’t want to nominate anyone for the sake of it. He will only nominate if he feels anybody is wrong. Finally after a lot of discussion and arguments Sidhu found his two people who he felt were wrong a diplomatic. He nominated Niketan and Vrijesh.

Following this, three contestants were nominated for the eviction – Sampat Lal, Rajeev and Kashif; however Sampat later managed to save herself by giving the best performance. The final nominations for this week are Rajev Paul and Kashif Qureshi. Now, it’s time to wait and watch who will have to bid adieu to the house.