Watch episode 190 of Jodha Akbar, aired on 7th March 2014 on Zee TV.

Jodha starts to take her responsibilty of ‘Haram’. This keeps her busy and she has no time to spare for Akbar. Rukaiyaa finds out about this and takes it as an opportunity to come closer to Akbar. Akbar promises to spend some quality time with Rukaiyaa after the royal party. Jodha goes to meet Akbar. Akbar expresses her happiness to Jodha on seeing her working in a dedicated fashion. Jodha goes to Rukaiyaa and appreciates the way she had been taking the responsibility of ‘Haram’ all this while. Rukaiyaa tells her about her plan to spend time with Akbar. Jodha finds out that many of the women working for the ‘Haram’ are actually forced to work like slaves and have no freedom at all. Despite Mahamanga stopping her, Jodha wants to grant freedom to those women who have been working with the ‘Haram’ forcefully.

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