The 10500-square-feet Bigg Boss Season 7 house will be an amalgamation of heaven and hell under the same roof.



Depicting the luxuries of heaven and animosities of hell, the house has been divided into two halves.



The heaven-like space where the Bigg Boss 7 contestants can expect serenity will be colorful with a floral touch filled with temptations, while the space assigned to hell will be a dungeon-style with garage like set-up with rough floors and walls where contestants can experience the fury of hell.



The heaven side of the house will not only have a pool and a beach like feel but also a portion that will have a dome like ceiling designed to look like a skyline filled with clouds.



The house will feature faux bookshelves, bars and a phone that will trigger temptations in the inmates and put their will power and strength put to test.



For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, the house will have a clock in the living room but there is more to it. Only time will tell.



The walls of the house are not only colorful but also have words like ‘crazy’ written on it with much flair. It also has a quote written on a wall that will be the highlight of the living area.



The hell side of the house have beds arranged the floor but not much of comfort to any of the contestants.



Food is going to be a big concern for the contestants as the hell will not have facility of a kitchen. Also there is no demarcation between the bedroom and living area and will give the house a dormitory kind of a look.



The loos inside the hell half will bring a tumultuous change in the lives of the contestants.



The washroom has only Indian style sitting and the water is to be filled manually and used for all daily chores from a tap planted outside.



As if the Bigg Boss himself wasn’t enough, this time around he has the assistance of a ‘Warden’ who will take the charge of keeping a close eye on the inmates. It is the only new element that is common for both the houses.



Bollywood’s ace designer Omung Kumar who has successfully brought alive the essence of heaven and hell inside the Bigg Boss house states,“The theme of the show is based on heaven and hell and the challenge given to me was to create two extreme conditions under the same roof.”



“Following the brief, we created two different houses illustrating Jannat and Jahannum. We have played around with colors, patterns and have introduced quirky elements to justify heaven and hell,” he adds.